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Bar Forming Machines

Automatic and fully electric machines to form hydro genator-type stator bars up to a maximum length of 5000 mm.


  • Accurate, qualitative and consistent forming results over time.
  • Fully automatic set-up.
  • Universal grippers, designed to prevent damage to insulation.
  • Ability to store a forming program for each bar reference.
  • Machine fully compliant with Industry 4.0 requirements.

Technical characteristics:

  • Automatic, fully-electric machine designed to form hydro generator bars up to 5000 mm in length.
  • Solid and sturdy machine frame, designed to rigidly withstand all stresses and strains during the forming cycle.
  • Universal clamps that automatically adapt to any section that falls within the machine’s capacity.
  • Fully automatic machine set-up.
  • Control system via high-tech CNC, performing all interpolated forming movements with synchronization and precision.
  • Automatic copper elasticity compensation system during the forming cycle.
  • Possibility of forming C-shape bars and Z-shape bars due to the presence of 6 central carriages completely independent in movements.
  • A system able to monitor and to measure the forming tension of the bar during the bending cycle.
  • User-friendly HMI that allows the operator to store work programs associated with specific bar models.
  • Integrated remote assistance module: Rimac technicians can remotely connect to the machine and initiate a real-time remote assistance session. By accessing the control panel and PLC and then checking the operation of the machine, the Rimac technician can intervene directly and solve the problem or provide timely guidance. The module can be connected via Ethernet connection, Wi-Fi or GSM card.


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