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Specifically designed for the removal of stator coils, these machines perform two functions:

  • Cut off coil leads protruding from the stator.
  • Clamp and pull-out coils from stator slots.


  • Flexibility and ease of use.
  • Optimal cutting and extraction results.
  • Operator ergonomics and safety guaranteed.
  • Extremely easy to use without the need for preliminary training.
  • Speeding up operations.
  • Healthy working environment thanks to the smoke and micro dust extraction system.

Technical features:

  • Stator is positioned and locked on a rotating table with a 3-hook centering system for optimal positioning of the workpiece; the stator is fixed to the table using specific tools.
  • Manual rotation of the stator performed by the operator; optionally, the machine can be equipped with electric rotation of the table.
  • Loading the stator is facilitated because the cut-off unit and the extraction unit are mounted on a 180° swiveling column that allows them to be moved out of the work area during loading/unloading operations.
  • Arm equipped with a cutting disc that allows complete cutting of the coil leads; the cutting unit can mount discs of different sizes.
  • Adjustable working height to ensure optimal positioning; the radial cutting depth can also be adjusted manually using a dedicated handwheel; optionally, the machine can be supplied with automatic radial movement of the cutting disc; to ensure operator safety, the cutting disc is protected by a safety casing.
  • Smoke and micro dust extraction system, with the suction point located near the cutting area; this system can extract smoke and micro dust from the operator’s breathing zone and thus maintain a healthy environment
  • Effective and electrical coil extraction system, mainly consisting of chain electric winch and a special extraction clamp; optionally, the machine can be equipped with a hydraulic extractor for adjusting the extraction force with lever operation
  • In case of impregnated stators, it is recommended to burn off the unit before extraction to prevent potential damage.


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