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Manual stripping bench to obtain a fast and precise removal of insulation on coil leads. Easy to use, this equipment is the ideal solution to achieve an optimal result without any prior training.


  • Extremely easy to use, no prior training required.
  • Optimal stripping results.
  • Guaranteed operator ergonomics.
  • No dispersion of dust and stripping residuals.

Technical features:

  • Stripping unit mounted on a solid and stable support bench.
  • Stripping operation performed by 2 steel brushes, whose maximum/minimum opening is adjusted by two handwheels with analog scale.
  • Two working positions (near and far): switching from the first to the second is done by a foot pedal.
  • Adjustable stripping length with adjustable mechanical stop.
  • Brushing area protected by a protective carter with transparent front window, allowing the operator to monitor the stripping operation in progress.
  • Possibility to integrate an industrial vacuum cleaner for the suction of dust produced by the stripping operation.
  • Possibility to independently reverse the rotation directions of the insulation removal brushes.


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