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Automatic machines for the TIG welding of windings on the commutator of DC motors.


  • Significant reduction in processing times.
  • Clean and safe process thanks to full casing and fume extraction system.
  • Possibility to perform spot welding, line welding, and continuous welding.
  • Possibility to store a work program for each rotor reference.
  • Possible combination with other functions (brushing, undercutting, turning, banding, coil leads cut off, and electrical testing).
  • Full compliance with Industry 4.0 requirements.

Technical features:

  • Possibility to choose among three welding modes: spot welding, line welding and continuous welding.
  • Possibility to set the bar jump parameter to control the temperature rise of the armature during welding.
  • Welding torch installed on three electrical axes for precise, fast, and repeatable positioning.
  • Dedicated unit for commutator brushing to clean the welded areas during the work cycle and at the end of the cycle.
  • Adjustable-speed cut off unit for rapid and precise removal of exceeding winding edges from the commutator riser.
  • Welding fume extraction and abatement system.
  • Full casing designed to completely isolate the welding area for increased operator safety.
  • Specific welding camera for real-time visualization of the welding cycle.
  • Two machine configurations available: with vertical or horizontal armature positioning.
  • Reduction in processing times: welding operations, typically carried out by skilled welders with a significant time investment, are performed quickly and automatically by the machine.
  • Possibility to set and store a work program for each specific rotor reference.
  • Possibility to install the welding unit in multi-function machines, which combine multiple work functions (brushing, undercutting, lathing, banding, coil leads cut off, and electrical testing).
  • Integrated remote assistance module: Rimac technicians can remotely connect to the machine and initiate a real-time remote assistance session. By accessing the control panel and PLC and checking the machine’s operation, the Rimac technician can intervene directly to resolve issues or provide timely guidance. The module can be connected via Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or GSM.


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