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Rimac offers various spool unwinding systems characterized by different solutions for the tensioning of wires and flat wires wound on a spool.


  • Controlled and easily adjustable tensioning with a visual pressure indicator.
  • Choice of various wire/flat wire braking and tensioning technologies.
  • Choice of various configurations based on specific needs.
  • Versatility and modularity.
  • Suitable for any application where a wire of any cross-section needs to be unwound or rewound.

Technical features:

  • Each type of dereeler can be provided with 1 or more spool holder positions; spools can be positioned in series (on the same side) and/or in parallel (on both sides).
  • Basic configuration: simple dereeler with manually adjustable mechanical braking system; the dereeler is equipped with an adjustable radial drive pin and a double spool centering cone.
  • Intermediate configuration: dereeler with pneumatic braking system using a disc brake; the braking pressure is manually adjustable; the operator relies on a pressure gauge to determine the braking force; in the case of multiple spool holder positions, each position will have its own adjustment valve with a corresponding pressure gauge for display.
  • Advanced configuration: dereeler with automatic pneumatic braking system using a disc brake; the braking pressure is automatically adjusted according to the actual spool diameter; this ensures constant wire tension throughout the unwinding process.
  • Special configurations: dereelers designed for customized applications based on customer requests; for example, they can be equipped with electronically controlled tension-based braking systems and automatic wire/flat wire rewinding, or they can incorporate systems to equalize the wire/flat wire unwinding speed to minimize stress on the copper conductor that could damage the insulation.


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