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RIMAC & ISOVOLTA: a partnership to maximize the quality of taping processes!

We are thrilled to announce Rimac & ISOVOLTA Group partnership!

Given the complementarity existing between ISOVOLTA, a leading international manufacturer of electrical insulating materials and RIMAC,  a leading international manufacturer of machines for the production and repair of electric motors and generators, the two companies decided to enter a cooperation to be able to offer further optimized and comprehensive technical solutions to their respective customers.

What will happen now? ISOVOLTA insulating tapes will be developed, tested and optimized using RIMAC state-of-the-art taping technology for the insulation of stator coils and bars and, in turn, RIMAC taping technology will be further optimized to maximize the quality of taping results obtained with top-quality insulating materials such as ISOVOLTA materials. We will keep you updated on future activities!


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