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Modular, multi-function machines that allow for the execution of all necessary operations on the commutator during the manufacturing or repair process of DC motor rotors. Leading manufacturers, repair shops, and users of DC motors worldwide, including railways, steel plants, and repair workshops, use these Rimac machines for the production and repair of their DC motors.


  • Significant reduction in processing times and reduced workshop layout space requirements.
  • Modular machine with customizable configuration based on required processing functions.
  • Possibility to store a work program for each function and rotor reference.
  • Clean, safe, and quiet working environment thanks to full casing.
  • Full compliance with Industry 4.0 requirements.

Technical Features:

  • Possibility to have a customized machine configuration by selecting and combining two or more of the following modules based on specific technical requirements:
    – Commutator undercutting function.
    – Commutator turning function.
    – Commutator brushing function.
    TIG welding function to weld windings on the commutator.
    – Rotor banding function.
    Cut off function for the cutting of windings on commutator crown.
    Electrical testing function. 
  • Reduction of processing times and spaces: : the aforementioned operations, typically carried out on different machines and thus involving handling and transferring the armature from one station to another, are performed on a single machine precisely and automatically.
  • Possibility to set and store a work program for each specific function and rotor reference.
  • Full casing designed for increased operator safety.


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