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Automatic hydraulic presses with electric heating, designed for the polymerization and consolidation of the insulation of rotor poles in energy generators.


  • Accurate, repeatable, controlled, and constantly monitored process.
  • Possibility to create and store a pressing program for each pole reference, enabling to execute various pressure and temperature increase steps, allowing for automatic control of the process and its duration.
  • Quality feedback on the performed consolidation cycle through real-time graphs of temperature, force, and position.
  • Maximum pressing force of 80 tons for each pressing portal, up to a maximum of 6 portals for a total pressing force of 480 tons.
  • Ease of loading and unloading poles using overhead cranes, thanks to the automatic sliding movement of the portals between the working and “rest” positions.
  • Full compliance with Industry 4.0 requirements.

Technical Features:

  • The machine is equipped with 6 pressing portals that slide along the frame; the movement of each portal along the frame is automated.
  • Each pressing portal consists of 2 vertical support beams (right/left), an upper beam that provides structural integrity, and a horizontal pressing beam that moves vertically.
  • Maximum pressing force per single portal: 80 tons.
  • Heating system, consisting of a main heating unit capable of delivering up to 3000 A, to polymerize the insulating material of the pole, reaching a polymerization temperature of 170°C.
  • Special additional heating systems to ensure maximum temperature rise uniformity of the pole, limiting temperature differences. These differences are also monitored through additional probes that allow the machine not to exceed a temperature difference parameterized by the operator.
  • Control console that integrates buttons and HMI for machine operation; real-time temperature, force, and position graph generation.
  • Integrated remote assistance module: Rimac technicians can remotely connect to the machine and initiate a real-time remote assistance session. By accessing the control panel and PLC and verifying the machine’s operation, the Rimac technician can intervene directly to resolve the issue or provide timely guidance. The module can be connected via Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or GSM card.


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