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Special stands designed to support and rotate rotors up to 40 tonnes.


  • Easy and facilitated electrical handling of very heavy rotors.
  • Gripping and sealing safety.
  • No uncontrolled rotor rotation even during winding phases.
  • Ease of adjustment.
  • Possibility to work with shafts of different diameters in the two rotating zones, thanks to height/width adjustments and the ability to rotate at different but synchronized speeds.
  • Calculation of rotation speeds performed by the machine’s software.
  • Motorized and synchronized rollers.
  • Operator safety.

Technical features:

  • Maximum capacity: 40 tonnes.
  • Solid welded steel structure for heavy-duty use.
  • Double pair of adjustable rollers coated with polyurethane, with removable steel shoulders.
  • Height adjustment possible using locking pins, in a series of holes on the supports.
  • 4×4 traction: each roller is equipped with a geared motor.
  • The rotation speed of the two wheels making up each support is controlled by a single inverter; the speeds of the 2 inverters are synchronized by a PLC.
  • In case of differences in diameters rotatable on both sides of the shaft, the operator will input the diameters of the shaft support zones on a simple operator panel; the PLC will calculate and synchronize the two different rotation speeds of the two pairs of supports.
  • Possibility to adjust the distance between each pair of rollers, for sliding up to a maximum of 400 mm using a side handwheel.


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