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Extremely compact and handy equipment designed for the brazing of electrical connections during motor assembly operations.


  • Safety: no use of open flames.
  • Compactness and practicality.
  • Portability.
  • Clean welding results.
  • Possibility of intensive use thanks to integrated closed-loop cooling systems.
  • Possibility to choose from various customizable clamps to reach all areas of the motor.

Technical features:

  • High-capacity brazing clamps, with straight or curved tips, with a wide opening range.
  • The straight-tip brazing clamp operates on a “normally closed” principle that enables the operator to position the clamp on the brazing area and leave it in place using his hands to perform other tasks. The clamping pressure of the clamp is adjustable.
  • Customization of clamps is possible to meet specific customer needs and work in tight spaces.
  • 3-position selector to adjust the current intensity (amperage) based on the type of material to be brazed.
  • By inserting copper strips between the tips and pressing the pedal, the brazing temperature can be quickly reached.
  • Option to have water-cooled clamps and cooling units for intensive machine use.
  • Option to have a dedicated cart for easy transportation of the machine and cooling unit.


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