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Machines designed for the manual insertion of windings into the stator.


  • Extremely user-friendly with no need for prior training.
  • Optimal insertion results.
  • Real-time control of the insertion process.
  • Operator ergonomics ensured.
  • Full compliance with Industry 4.0 requirements.

Technical features:

  • Solid “C”-shaped structure, made of welded steel, for optimal support and great stability.
  • Winding ring mounted on a pulley that allows manual rotation of the winding ring by 180°; the winding ring can rotate on its own axis by 360° thanks to an electric drive managed via the control panel.
  • Stator clamping system equipped with clamping jaws (up to a maximum of 5) equidistant; one of these is fixed and manually adjustable by the operator. The other four are pantograph-operated via a handwheel and serve to secure the stator after it has been inserted into the ring and positioned on the fixed clamp; the clamping system is equipped with mechanical stops to ensure axial locking of the stator
  • Mechanical inserting arm with electrical horizontal/vertical movement; the arm has a pneumatic automatic locking/ unlocking system on the insertion tool.
  • Machine controls: all electrical/ pneumatic movements of the machine are controlled by buttons located on the operator panel, except for the forward/backward control of the inserting arm, which is operated by a foot pedal.
  • Integrated remote assistance module: Rimac’s technicians can remotely connect to the machine and initiate real-time remote assistance sessions. By accessing the control panel and PLC and verifying the machine’s operation, Rimac’s technician can directly intervene to resolve issues or provide timely instructions. This module can be connected via Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or GSM.


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